Plaster Sculpture

2nd Project: Plaster Carving

Objective: Develop an understanding of the relationship between positive form and negative space in three dimensions, basic casting principles and subtractive carving processes, inegrate surface texture with form, unify two forms, and control surface value by creating shadows in reflected light. Create a tight-fitting joint between two pieces of plaster using subtractive processes.

Requirements: Cast two plaster forms: a solid block formed in a 1/2 gallon or gallon milk/juice container and a shaped form cast in the space created by sculpting and modeling earthenware, steoneware, or oil clay into a negative shape. Carve them both to arrive at a piece that is:

  • Non-representational; the form should not resemble recognizable objects
  • 50% negative space / 50% positive space, with active positive and negative shapes in combined form
  • No reference to original block (from milk/juice container) remaining. Reference to the original shape of the molded piece may remain, if integrated into the overall design
  • Three dimensional: no frontality, interesting from all sides
  • Two forms should connect to each other with some type of joint, and the two forms should relate to each other formally to create a unified piece, with dialogue between the two forms
  • Three distinct, different carved or cast surface textures on your final work, integrated with the form, and creating value differences when interacting with reflected light
  • Both geometric forms and biomorphic forms must be present in final piece; one can dominate or they can be equally balanced, but they should each be clearly identifiable

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